RAID Data Recovery

Real RAID Case Studies

When R3 give a fixed accurate quote it is simple for a competitor to offer a free assessment or lower price but beware.

These are real examples of failed RAID enquiries successfully recovered by the R3 RAID engineers.

Case Study 1

A RAID5 recovery was sent to a data recovery specialist in Wales on an emergency the client was given a suggested price of £1000+vat – R3 had already given an accurate quote over the phone assessment of £2000+vat for a 24-96hr turn around
After 1 week the client came back saying the competitor had taken a week and wanted £6000+vat.

R3 agreed to give a second opinion as an emergency assessment. We despatched a driver direct to the competitors call center in Bridgend and our dedicated driver brought them straight to the lab. R3 engineers quickly stabilised the drives, made images and within 24 hours of arrival made the urgently needed data ready for collection by a much appreciative client. The client an IT Support provider has since used R3 for other emergency recoveries.

“Yet again, our customer’s data was recovered in an emergency. Complete recovery professionally managed as always. Simple, efficient and reliable service well recommendable.” Andrew Foster

Case Study 2

10 x 4TB RAID 6  suspected 2 failed drives
A past client of R3 working at a new company had a failed QNAP – His FD wanted 3 quotes for the recovery.

R3 Quoted £10,000+vat – for an emergency recovery of key data within the VM after listening to the issues surrounding Seagate drives.
Data Clinic £6500+vat
Fields Data Recovery £2000+vat

Client had already chose against Fields and questioned if R3 were willing to match Data Clinics price – Andy Butler clarified the complexity and timeframes and Declined on the basis that Data Clinic had likely not quoted to do the work in the safest way which takes time and affects cost. Clients FD made choice on price and Data Clinic being a “Seagate partner”, 2 weeks later Andy and the team at R3 received a call from the client – Data Clinic cannot extract data from the failed RAID.

Andy despatched a driver to Data Clinics office and collected just before they closed at 6pm. R3 engineers worked overnight making safe stable images which identified 5 of the 10 Seagate drives had faults. Within 48 hours R3 had access to and commenced recovering the clients data, there was significant corruption which needed correction. Half the data initially needing recovery after the 3 weeks since failure was of no value to the client who lost significant production and incurred contractual penalties.

Case Study 3

A Data Recovery reseller in Europe was engaged by an IT Support company of a large multinational company needing help with a failed Fujitsu Server. The reseller was using what he believed was a local data recovery lab. In reality it was another reseller of a individual technician based in the UK.

When it was declared unrecovered the end users own head of IT made his own searches for unrecoverable data from RAID 5 and found Andy Butler at R3. After an initial consultation the server was shipped to the UKs main high capacity data recovery lab. After assessment it was found that 3 of the member Hitachi 3TB disks had failed,  with one hurt beyond recovery.

But a full recovery of the Oracle DB and associated resource files were recovered within 1 week of arrival – approx 3.5TB and a further 10TB of files recovered over the following fortnight.

Such cases helps to identify the difference between a website, a “have a go hero” approach, and what appears to be a “real” data recovery lab.

With industry leading engineers and RAID specialists – R3 is a real team of European and British experts brought together to give the highest possible success rates for all types of RAID failure and recovery situations.

How Does RAID Array Recovery Work?

New to RAID array recovery? Read on! Much often, the hard drives suddenly stop responding or the system stops working, which is really a warning that the data fed in the system is at risk and the user might lose all his saved data and information.

What is your next step?

If you really don’t have any knowledge as what will help you in such situation, the best advice is to call a RAID recovery expert for your help, who may easily clear out the issue and can suggest the solution of the problem.

Usually the cause is…

The sudden non-response from system usually occurs due to the failure of the hard drives of the computer, which really stores all the data that is fed into the machine.

Solution is…

The only solution to fix the occurred problem is to immediately seek professional data recovery services of RAID as they will only help best the user in raid array recovery of the hurt data or the affected drives.

Finding RAID Array Recovery Services

Market today has many professional companies working with experts, who are not only expertise in working with RAID but also serves with services of recovery, installation and expansion of servers etc.

Don’t apply “DoItYourself” attitude

Data losing is a very crucial issue for businesses and working companies. Thus it is best not to apply the “Do It Yourself” attitude to try to fix any such situation if occurs. The best go will be to hire professional services to deal with the situation and help the user by raid array recovery services.

Some basic dos and don’ts about RAID Array Recovery

  • Generally, users have nearly a 100% chance of not losing any of their data so it is better that you don’t hinder the chances of recovery of the affected data. Keep cool, experts are managing your problem and soon you will have all your lost data in your hand once again.
  • Do not proceed trying if you are hearing any weird noises from your drives or the system BIOS.
  • Putting drive in the freezer can ruin the media, so don’t do that as well.
  • Data recovery experts are always ready to help you recollect your lost data, hire them in case of such need.

RAID Array Recovery Services for you…

The most appropriate raid array recovery services are the ones that offer their users a wide range of recovery services like finely developing and manufacturing the hardware solutions, perfect ISO class 5, best cleaning rooms, economical pricing structure, have a excellent success rate and are ready to serve their client at any hours of the day.

RAID array recovery services usually cost…

Though these services are a bit expensive as compared to some others, the chances are higher that all the affected data is recovered without any hurt.

Duration is long but results are cool

Yes, it’s right that the RAID hard drive recovery procedure is complex and takes even days to gather all the data back but 96% chances of recollecting the data are worth spending some days on it.

When You Are In Need Of a RAID Recovery Expert

RAID has become one of the most common terms that are today associated with business industry. It became crucial in serving a business group with a distress free efficiency in its workings and routines. Beside developing, implementing and coordinating the data processing activities, RAID data recovery experts also determine software, hardware, data storage and other required resources.

Why We Need RAID Data Recovery Experts?

Losing data is a common dread of all businesses but RAID recovery experts have nearly nil all those fears and have given a new outlook to the working of the industries. The complicated working of a RAID data recovery expert on a system really includes repairing of all the hurts that have occurred to the system or the drives or the data that has been lost.

System crash or data loss are some crucial issues that must not be dealt with on your own unless you have a proper knowledge of how to deal with all such issues. The complications occurred and the hurts made are sometimes so delicate that “Do It Yourself” effort can severely affect the situation and the losses occurred will see no solution again.

Raid Data Recovery Experts

To serve the purpose, today, market has several data recovery companies serving with raid recovery experts. The experts focus their repairing workings at each step and ensure that all the hard drives of the system are functioning well by the side.

How do Raid Data Recovery Experts work?

Let us know their working step by step:

  • Step 1 – Checking the functioning of all the hard drives, the start of the recovery procedure
  • Step 2 – Affected drives or physically hurt drives are repaired in a clean room to work properly.
  • Step 3 – Sector-by-sector clones are made of every respective drive to check the chances of recovery and repairing (it is known as a very low-level process). Terrible sectors are noted and worked upon for proper functioning of the drive.
  • Step 4 – On the other hand, original hard drives are set on a write protect mode to sought all the dangers of modifying original data and ensure no copying or alteration of the original data source.
  • Step 5 – Cloning finishes the working of the original hard drives and the process of recovery starts with the cloned copies.
  • Step 6 – All the collected clones and their data are then place in a single destination drive of the system to start on with the recovery process.

Most of the times, the recovery rebuilds the directory structures and the data recovers appropriately. Data stored in a system is sometimes so critical that unknowingly dealing with it can even cause a loss worth hundreds and thousands of dollars to the company in term of labor and resources. Understanding the above followed procedure shows the intricacy and the complexity of the jobs that are really performed by the Raid recovery experts.

Remember, corporate bosses are not bothered usually with these kind of things, but it is always advised that the matter must be considered highly vital and only raid recovery services should be hired to solve such huge tensions of computer data recovery cautiously.